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Installing BootCamp Drivers into a native Windows on Your Mac

This litte gem ist for all of you, who never installed Windows natively on your Mac, just like me.

You may easily use the Boot Camp Assistant, that comes with your (Snow) Leopard to partition your hard drive. Afterwards boot from your install CD (XP) or DVD (Vista, 7) to setup Windows. Once everything is finished, you will need to insert your OS X DVD to install the boot camp drivers. There seems to be no other way of getting them officially. No matter, which system is actually installed, you should use the Snow Leopard version, if possible. They contain more up-to-date version of the software including some new must-have features. Again, there seems to be no other way to get these drivers except installing them from the DVD.

After everything is set up and you successfully connected to the internet,. you can use Apple's software update to get another bunch of updates. Unfortunately Boot Camp drivers installed from a Leopard DVD (version 2.x) will not update to version 3.x which comes with Snow Leopard. This is a paid update.

2 things to take away:

1. The drivers are on the OS X DVD.
2. Use the most up-to-date DVD you have available.

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